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Village Home Watch of Southwest Ranches, FL, earns accreditation from the NHWA!

Jack Luber
Executive Director


Village Home Watch of Southwest Ranches, Florida, has earned Accredited Member status from the NHWA.

Co-owner Harry Clark was born and raised in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area and never moved out of the area he loves. An avid outdoorsman, he loves the sea and all the great recreational offerings Florida has to offer. Harry has raised a family and taught them the value of faith, home, and nature.

Co-owner Linda Rector was born in Miami and raised in Pompano Beach. She married and moved to Fort Lauderdale. She has enjoyed a long-married life, with interests in Florida and the Caribbean Islands. Linda acquired many dear friends along the way.

Harry spent many years in the South Florida construction business, building condominiums and commercial properties. Linda has had a long career in the interior design industry as a sales rep and showroom manager at Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA). Together, they have a strong background for detail and management, making them a great choice to watch over vacation homes and rental properties. Harry and Linda’s appreciation for a beautiful and safe home, along with their work expertise and experience, give them the skills and knowledge to look after clients’ homes when they are unoccupied.

Harry and Linda became friends while renovations were happening in Linda’s DCOTA showroom, Along with spouses Lily and Russ, a lasting bond and friendship was formed. Now that Linda and Harry have scaled back their full-time careers, they’ve decided to start a Village Home Watch, bringing their overall experience and knowledge to their new business. Both are problem solvers, bringing solutions to the forefront for their clients. They are proud to be Accredited Members of the National Home Watch Association.

Harry and Linda have both earned the designation of Certified Home Watch Professional and have graduated from the NHWA’s Home Watch Boot Camp. The CHWP designation and Home Watch Boot Camp training show their commitment to providing excellent service to their clients. This, along with their NHWA accreditation, makes them the perfect choice for their clients’ needs and peace of mind.

Linda Rector and Harry Clark

Village Home Watch serves Broward County. You can reach them at (954) 775-6094 or (954) 830-3512, or you can email them at Learn more at their website,

Welcome, Harry and Linda!

As always, I wish you

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A little about the National Home Watch Association: The NHWA was formed in 2009 in order to establish and maintain the highest industry standards for Home Watch and absentee homeowner services throughout the United States and Canada (

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