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Action Home Watch of Anchorage, AK, earns Accredited Member status from the NHWA!

Jack Luber
Executive Director


Action Home Watch of Anchorage, Alaska, has earned Accredited Member status from the NHWA.

Owners Michael Levinsky and Scott Hafer have years of customer service and maintenance experience. They worked in tourism customer service for 15 years.

Michael worked for years as a heavy-machinery mechanic. Scott worked in commercial construction, doing building insulation for 25 years.

Michael and Scott know first-hand what it is like to have something happen to your home when they were thousands of miles away. They you numerous stories about their personal and seasonal business properties’ emergencies and how they had to call random, unqualified people to come in to check on it, crossing their fingers that they would check on the right things. It was a nightmare to try to find qualified help miles away and coordinate with someone to open the door for the repairmen to fix the problems. This prompted them to start Action Home Watch, to help seasonal Alaskan residents leave Alaska during their long, dark winters and have peace of mind that their home is in the hands of professionals.

Michael has earned the designation of Certified Home Watch Professional and has graduated from the NHWA’s Home Watch Boot Camp, making him one of the elite Home Watch providers in the industry. The CHWP designation and Home Watch Boot Camp training show Michael’s commitment to providing excellent service to his clients.

Michael Levinsky

Scott Hafer

Action Home Watch serves Anchorage. You can reach them at (907) 903-2054 or at Learn more from their website, at

Welcome, Michael and Scott!

As always, I wish you

Much success,


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